One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Good day,
    I found your Blog while researching building a trappers camp on crown land. I found my birth mother a year ago and found out that I was a status Mi’kmaq. I started doing some research filled out all the government paperwork ect, and have since received my full status. This is how i found you, doing research on hunting camps on crown land. I always loved spending time in the woods in northern New Brunswick as a Boy, and now I live in Moncton (southern NB). I am hoping to set a meeting with my band elders in a couple months to get as much info from them so that I follow regulations ect, The do’s and don’ts. I did contact the local DNR(dept of natural resources) they were not real up to speed on the subject and were not able to speak on the subject. I plan on discussing with my band and then going back to them and hopefully the parties can come to some common correct information. i just wanted to thank you for the info on the subject and that i appreciated your effort.

    Thank you
    Bob Vautour

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